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  • Basic Backup  v.1.0Basic Backup is a simple customizable shell script providing system admins an easy way to get basic system files backed up. Use from the moment you startup a new system and archive daily changes through bbackup. Allows you to specify which ...
  • SimpleLinux EXT  v.4.0simpleLinux is a GNU/Linux distributions that uses LZMA compression to compress it's system files.
  • Place  v.0.3place is a system for keeping track of where system files should be "placed" on the system.
  • OpenUHS For Linux  v.0.6.6OpenUHS is a reader for Universal Hint System files.
  • Ferro Backup System  v.4.5Professional, network backup system intended for small offices and large corporations and institutions alike. It allows you to protect data stored at desktops, laptops and network file servers operating under Microsoft Windows, Novell, Linux.
  • Selkie Rescue  v.2.0.0.Selkie Rescue is a powerful data recovery and disaster recovery utility. If Windows is broken use Selkie to recover almost any file stored on the PC. Data recovery and disaster recovery are only minutes away.
  • Sv Incentives Script  v.1Incentives Script - Run a referral based incentive site. Incentives Script is a way for an ordinary person to start up a referral based incentive site, such as or Work With Commission Junction and/or Search Cactus or other ...
  • Script-Tools  v.0.7.1The Script Collection steps into action right after your distro has been installed with a minimal setup. This making it more matching to advanced (or advanced beginners) users. Its offered to download/install with 2 options: Either the tarball or the ...
  • Internal Chat (IntChat)  v.5.7.277Internal Chat is a corporate client-server chat (instant messaging) application.
  • Install Kernel  v.0.9.5Install Kernel is an advanced script which installs the kernel and sets up LILO or GRUB.
  • Ms-sys  v.2.2.1This is a Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records.
  • Iron Bars SHell  v.0.3aIron Bars SHell, or short ibsh is my first attempt to create a restricted working environment for Linux/Unix.
  • Seetxt  v.0.72Seetxt is a lightweight, configurable text file viewer for linux with some unique features.
  • MediaSniper  v.3.0Media file downloader for popular websites.
  • SemiRestore7  v.1.0.1SemiRestore7 - restore to a fresh version of iOS without losing your jailbreak! Our Semi Restore supporting software allows you to download most appropriate iOS version for your device from Direct download links.
  • File System Auditor  v.1.02File System Auditor audits, reports and alerts on Windows file server activity, showing who touched which files and folders, when and on what server.
  • Solid File System  v.3.1Solid File System is an implementation of a file system that uses one file on the media (such as hard drive or CD-ROM) for storing the data. It supports journalling, multiple streams per file, unlimited storage file size, encryption and compression.
  • A1Menu Site Navigation SystemA1 - Menue is a site navigation system that provides an easy navigation especially for larger websites. For each directory a customizable menu is created and sorted following specific rules. Files and directories may be included or excluded depending ...
  • Expert System Designer  v.2.1Expert System Designer is an integrated development environment, purely written in Java, each project having one or more CLIPS/JESS source files. The Project Browser component allows you to you visualize a project both in file-based and entity-based ...
  • Binfer Transfer/Send Large Files Easily  v.2.2Binfer is file transfer software for sending & receiving large files without uploading them on any servers. With Binfer you can: - Send large files like HD video, pictures, documents, etc to anyone over the internet - Receive big files directly to ...
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